The similarities and differences in the characters of marlow and willard

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In Heart of Darkness, how are Marlow and Kurtz similar or different?

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Heart of Darkness

The most important difference between novella and film is the development of their main characters, Marlow and Willard, respectively. In Heart of Darkness, the reader is introduced to Marlow through his various philosophical ruminations about imperialism, morality, and human nature.

The equivalence portrayed by Coppola of Willard to Conrad's character, Marlow, is significant in the sense that the differences presented in the film actually build upon the similarities. Comparing the Similarities and Differences Between the Character of Marlow in The Heart of Darkness and Willard in Apocalypse Now.

The characters in the novel and movie differ, yet have some similarities. There are the officers, Sam, Virgil and Bill, who are the same people in the novel and movie but have many differences.

Some people in the book aren’t even in the movie or have different names which makes quite a difference, especially if they had relationships with.

The characters of Marlow and Kurtz in Heart of Darkness and Willard and Kurtz in Apocalypse Now are essential to both versions and to the story as a whole. Conrad’s Marlow and Coppola’s Willard are essentially the same character. Marlow and Willard both learn about the battle between good and evil, and the evil that the jungle can bring out in anyone.

One great similarity is Marlow and Willard's ability to hold back from succumbing to the 'darkness' of the jungle by keeping their integrity and sticking to their goals.

The similarities and differences in the characters of marlow and willard
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The Novel as the Basis for Apocalypse Now