Olefin metathesis and beyond

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The oleochemical industry should seriously consider olefin metathesis, Mol suggests in a paper published earlier this year [Green Chem. Participants explore a virtual world and talk to other players.

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The meeting brings together more than persons from all directions of chemistry represented within the society and offers a program of top plenary lectures, exciting specialized parallel sessions and plenty of room for interactions with meeting participants and exhibitors between scientific sessions.

Olefin Metathesis: The Nobel Prize in Chemistry of was shared by Yves Chauvin, Robert michaelferrisjr.com and Richard michaelferrisjr.comk for their contributions to the field of Olefin Metathesis.

Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at [email protected] Hybrid Improper Ferroelectricity in (Sr,Ca) 3 Sn 2 O 7 and Beyond: Universal Relationship between Ferroelectric Transition Temperature and Tolerance Factor in n = 2 Ruddlesden–Popper Phases.

ACS AuthorChoice - This is an open access article published under an ACS AuthorChoice License, which permits copying and redistribution of the article or any adaptations for non-commercial purposes. Olefin metathesis is a popular and useful reaction.

Ziegler–Natta catalyst

In the presence of certain transition-metal compounds, including various metal carbenes, olefins exchange the groups around the double bonds, resulting in several outcomes: straight swapping of groups between two acyclic olefins (cross-metathesis.

The research program of the Feringa group is focussed on synthetic and physical organic chemistry, and nanotechnology.

Olefin metathesis and beyond
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